Last year’s Christmas goat purchase went really well, though Ernie was sad the goat didn’t come to our house first.

Actually we just bought a very old house in the historic Townsite area of Powell River in the spring and one of the covenants we read going through the purchase was a specific entry forbidding having goats on the property. Dang.

Plan Canada goat

Last years goat. We miss the “shop today” TV spots.

For this years Christmas gift we decided to target a critter that no one really ever wants to visit: Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes carry malaria, and malaria kills more than 450,000 children every year while remaining entirely preventable. Bed nets stop the mosquito in it’s tracks. They are treated with an insecticide so that they not only stop the mosquito but actually kill it.

We bought our gift through Plan Canada who are working through a partnership with governments in Liberia and Zimbabwe to distribute more than two million bed nets in an effort to stop the spread of this deadly disease. We hope our small contribution helps in this endeavour.

To read more about our gift and Plan Canada’s other gifts, including our favourite goat, please visit

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