The Nature Conservancy of Canada asked Catfish Creative to freshen the look of their Wall Calendar for 2017 based on their 2016 rebranding. The calendar is part of the non-profit organization’s promotions and fund raising each fall for the year ahead. Of course, for nature lovers photography takes centre stage leading Catfish Creative to develop an on-brand design that would emphasize the beautiful images from across our country.

But the second part of any discussion of photography and reproducing images in print, especially nature photography where images are almost always outdoors in varying light conditions and lens selection ranges based on how close you can get to your subject to name but two of the challenges facing the photographer, is that many beautiful images may or may not lend themselves to beautiful reproduction. “Nice butterfly, but the resolution is low…” (I know on CSI they can enhance any blurry image and get a beautiful sharp picture of “the guy” but that’s TV. The real world is a little harsher on crime scene techs and nature photographers alike.)

With that in mind we worked our way through many gorgeous images turning a professional eye toward reproduction quality and making difficult decisions based on how much we felt we could “res-up” an image and/or how much sharpening we felt we could use to give that awesome butterfly the perfect level of detail and colour saturation when the image was translated to yellow, cyan magenta and black ink, to make you go “Wow, what a gorgeous butterfly!”

Once the design was finalized, and images were selected that we all felt were the best of the best, we got to work on a fairly tight deadline to complete colour correction as required and then complete layout of the English and French calendars ready for the printer.

The project was completed on time and budget and the results look fantastic! “Wow, nice butterfly!”

But I will leave the last words to our main client contact at NCC, Amy Anastasopoulos, “Working on our 2017 calendar together was easy and seamless and the finished product was a high-quality piece both NCC and Catfish could be proud of.”

Thank you, Amy.

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