In May of 2018, we got an email from Debbie Dee at the Powell River Brain Injury Society asking for assistance with packaging. Well actually, she tried to use the Vulcan Mind Meld but it seemed to be out of order that day. However, the email worked and we connected.

The Brainiacs Hot Sauce, made locally by members of the Powell River Brain Injury Society, was selling well at the local Farmer’s Market. The product was even in a hot sauce specialty shop in Vancouver. It was this shop that gave Debbie the bad news about her packaging. The hot sauce was quite good… the packaging, not so much.

We sat down with Debbie and Chef Glen to discuss the project. We went through all the necessary steps. Logically, we started with the creative brief. The brief revealed the client was after a simple, elegant appearance for their products, with an emphasis on flavour (not just heat).

Time for some reflection. We met up again with a competition analysis, brand umbrella name options and a set of mood boards that defined the sense of style for the project.


Presenting Mood Boards to the client in the early stages of the project confirms everyone is on the same page.

Then we developed 2 design alternatives that both fit the brief: simple, elegant, emphasis on flavour. The client chose one direction and off we went at warp speed in developing the elements required, including a wordmark for the overall brand.



A final wordmark was developed as the umbrella name for the hot sauce products.

The chosen design concept evolved over the summer into our final design with a pop of colour, adapted for the 10 products that are currently in the roster, including some interesting additions like an olive oil, balsamic vinegar and a maple syrup all infused with the flavourful hot peppers.

We continued with the final electronic files for the entire set. This involved Nutrition Facts as per the Canadian regulations, ingredient lists and vector generated upc codes for scanning. 



Three of the tempting hot pepper sauce flavour labels with appropriate colour palette.

In her own words, our client Debbie explains “The process of first meeting to final product was exciting and fun. Julie and Ernie were aware of what we needed and wanted after the first meeting and I am so happy that we shared an interest in all things Vulcan.

The labels have gone to press and we can’t wait to see them on the shelves! Debbie and her team were a joy to work with and we believe we have provided them with a solid foundation to build on. May they Live Long and Prosper.


PS: A portion of the proceeds from the Hot n Saucy Gourmet Flavour products go towards the Brain Injury Society. For more information on the Society, please visit their website.

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