Earlier this year, okay in the spring (I’m a little late with the post.), we were asked by our wonderful MolsonCoors client to mock-up some window decal versions for presentation. The catch was these were needed for their Regional Conference and the final window decals needed to be produced in 72 hours—giving us somewhat less time.






A very quick re-creation of the Heineken Cityscape

We did the initial concepts that day, including re-creating a Heineken background image that couldn’t be tracked down in time. Revisions were made next morning and final files were shipped. The final result was well received and lead to a roll out of a more comprehensive set of window treatment alternatives for possible execution.

This time, with a bit more time, we created the fictitious Avenue Cold Beer & Wine Store and customized the storefront to show multiple variations. Different brands, full and partial window coverings.
From there retailers were brought on board and final file on selected windows were sent to final production.

All in all a job well done.

Coors Light Window Decal
Heineken Window Decal

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