Powell River Living Magazine has been publishing monthly for over 10 years. However, their website was dated and awkward to navigate. PRLiving asked us to help them take the website to the next level, make it more engaging for their viewers all the while easy for their writers to post stories on a regular basis.

We set to work updating the overall look to match the brand look of the magazine, as well as sort out the navigation and give the Magazine the opportunity to increase their standings with better SEO and content updates.

They also, as we’d mentioned, wanted to able to add content from the printed magazine each month without having us re-design the site each time. We developed a blog strategy using the built-in blog management tools in both WordPress and our theme so changing stories or highlighting different stories became a simple task of switching the posts classification resulting in a very easy to refresh site. And as we all know if it’s easy to update and make changes well, you’re far more likely to actually update and make changes!

We handed over the site to PRLiving and they continue to keep it fresh and current. Mission accomplished!

Powell River Living Website.






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