We did a new website for qathet Living Magazine a couple years ago (when they were Powell River Living). Recently with everything going on they came to us, virtually, to ask if we could put together a little online store for them.

The last store we build was a little test setup that worked well, but in the last few years there has been a lot of growth in the sector and there was a much larger number of options to choose from now when putting all of the building blocks of a good online store together. We eventually decided on using Woocommerce within the Divi theme with Square as the payment gateway. Woo has by far the largest share of the online store market and it pairs well with Divi which is also one of the top WordPress theme and builder combinations. Woo supports many payment gateway options which allowed us to use our clients preferred option: Square.

There is a vast number of plugins to add functionality to Woocommerce, but some also add monthly recurring costs so we choose wisely to meet our client’s needs and really only needed to add a bit of functionality to manage shipping in Canada. Woo is pretty much setup for you if you’re based and shipping within the US but for the rest of us, well there is a bit of work to do.

We got to work, worked through the hiccups, “why isn’t that showing up…” and took the store live with our first purchase: A bandana for the office dog. Worked perfectly.

We handed the store over to our client, qathet Living, and it is up and running 24/7. Check it out.​


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