When we take on a website design for a client, besides making it look good (naturally!), it must also function. It’s important to take off the designer hat and put on a customer hat for a non-biased assessment of how the site works. Is it easy to find what you might want to know? Are there any points of frustration for a potential visitor?

This was one of the challenges for us with the Camber College website. We took some time to look at the navigation from a customer’s viewpoint. From there, we organized the information with better flow, got rid of a bit of noise and presented a clean, informative and visually appealing website for the College.

To quote our client Clas, “Our services are of unique design to a very specific, high quality international market and the site needed to replicate this image. Catfish Creative has managed to capture this exactly, with a very clean, high-class site”.

Thank you Clas! You have been a pleasure to work with on this project.

Visit the site for a look: cambercollege.com

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