The Powell River Chamber of Commerce’s website was a bit out-of-date. They do a great job supporting businesses in the community, and Ernie is on their board of directors so when the chance presented itself we stepped up to see if we could do a nice refresh of their website.

We needed to create a site that provided the necessary information to members, potential members, and businesses looking for referrals as well as providing a good platform for the Chamber to inform members about upcoming networking and educational events within the business community.

We also needed a members directory and we needed it all to be easily updatable by staff. Staff which are sometimes only working part-time, so updating websites is probably not their forte. We needed an effective and simple solution. We also for the same reasons wanted to keep the site easy for staff to add and update events, because as we all know, things that are easy to do tend to get done more often and in a more timely manner.

Luckily WordPress besides being a great CMS for most websites also has a very large number of plugins available to add functionality so the only real difficulty we had finding the perfect event organization plugin was working through all of the possibilities, doing some testing, and finding the spot on perfect one for the Chamber.

We pulled images from the Catfish Creative Powell River archives and updated the copy and layout resulting, we think, in a nice clean, functional business website for the Powell River Chamber of Commerce.

We’ll continue helping them learn to add and update information on the site over the next days and weeks, and of course we’ll still be there to help with any new design revisions or updates that become necessary.

You can visit the new site at http://powellriverchamber.com

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